I’m old user from BFD2 upgrade to BFD3 (fxpansion) and BFD Drums ! (on a PC Windows 10 64 Gb with reaper).
(I have uninstalled bfd2 and so the problems comes…)
So I have 2 problems !

  • First I would want to start fresh install only on Bfd drums version (3.4) !!
    I wouldn’t if possible to reinstall all librairies because i have a lot !!
    now, I have some paths that tell me that is needed a license (bfd2) !
    I can’t load somes old librairies preset ! (no action when I click)
    I think somes libraries was installed on bfd2 folders.
    When it scan folders, it find all librairies.

  • Second, I have bought FARM expansion, installed.
    Can’t load any kits and just 1 kit (example mahogany) (memory load over 64 Gb !!), I’m very surprised that is so big in memory !!!
    I don’t understand !

Could you help me ?

I think, I have not a good bfd install now …

ps : from the website of bfd drums, contact support don’t work for me (*MTY1NDE3Mzc1Ny41Mi4xLjE2NTQxNzY4NTIuMA…)

Support maybe a bit slow as an amount of UK staff are likely off work due to it being a holiday in the UK.

This is support email if it helps any -

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Thanks I will send an email !!

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Hi edrumstudio,

I wouldn’t uninstall BFD2 because if you have any older projects with it included, you will loose your drums and have to use BFD3 from scratch in its place. Remember, BFD2 is replaced with the London Sessions expansion in BFD3.

In your case it seems that migrating would be appropriate since you have a lot of libraries already install (and want to avoid re-installation).

You might have to completely uninstall and then reinstall DF. I have DF and all kits and presets are present. However, when loading some presets my 16Gb of memory is soaked to the max. I take it that DF will take all the memory it can. That is certainly in bug territory.

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker

You can’t migrate BFD1/BFD2 serials. You have to get replacement serials and input them into the LM to add them to your BFD Drums/inMusic account.

These are equivalent libraries, but you can’t use the original BFD1+2 content with this BFD3 version. Once you get your new serials, add them to the LM, you can download and install those new libraries. Then, rescan your content locations in BFD3.

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Thanks !! this is what I’m about thinking !! I have to reinstall all librairies !!! But if I’m going to do that, I might as well do a clean install


All kits are presents, it’s just I can’t load one because it is too large of memory (more than 60 Go in memory !!) I never see that in BDF !!!
So, windows hang when the memory overflow…I have to reboot !!!
I’m very surprise…I don’t understand !

@edrumstudio Are you sure you don’t have, “Load All to RAM” checked in BFD3 Preferences?

I say go for a clean install.

After going back and forward without luck trying to migrate my content from Fxpansion to InMusic, I gave up and did a clean install.

It takes time to download the samples, but I rather let the installer do its thing and play guitar in the meantime than waste my time trying to figure it out what’s going on with the migration.


Yes, I have this checked but i use this to have no audio clip when I play live ! so I have uncheck this and I can load the kit ! thanks !!

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