BFD 3.4 Working Good Here

Hey, the migration has kicked my ass and hurt my feelings, and hopefully that’s over.

Over my last couple of recording sessions, it’s been really good. I’m probably not the most technical user.

My advice to other Windows users, who are struggling is to do a “ clean “ uninstall. It’s referenced in my post “ New License Manager Not Launching”. The process is a bit more involved than I would have thought.

And when re-installing, be careful to Not Migrate FXPansion data to the new BFDDrums. You have to “un-click “ that option early in the install. Remember FXPansion and InMusic are not related and do not work together.

Before posting the same emotional post that’s been done a thousand times. Look for an old post where your issue may have been solved. I’ve found a lot of users that want to help as well.




I’ve been up and running now for two weeks - on a brand new computer. Windows 10 latest (21h1)
Ryzen 9 Cubase 11 Pro.

Funny enough I had no problems installing everything from scratch - which was a big shock. Though also a big welcome relief.

I have to imagine most, if not all bfd3 users are like me - not the brightest bulb in the slot. But then again I’m sure that tag belongs to all of us drummers/programmers.

Up to date LM has behaved it’s self. Everything registered and authorised on the same day. Though I guess I’ll have to wait until the end of the month/30 days etc. To see if that changes.

I, myself, can only draw one conclusion, and that is if its possible for everyone to install from fresh, then do it. There is nothing to lose at this stage if you don’t have a working BFD3. Big pain in the butt, but it worked for me.

I find it sad to see so many BFD’rs struggling instead of creating. And, to put it mildly, that was me for a very long time.


If I may ask, what version of BFD have you got installed? Thanks in advance…

See post title.

In my original post, I’m referring to a fix I got from BFD3 support. If I was a little smarter, I would post the link, but I don’t know how. It solved my most devastating issue.

Beyond that, I’m not much help. But I will try.

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