BFD 3.4 + Pro Tools Crash

Hi All,

Wondering if this is a known issue and if others have experienced. After migration, keychain issues, accepting the (hopefully temporary) loss of BFD2 content, and nagging prompts on startup, I finally have BFD 3.4 working in standalone mode.

The trouble is I don’t ever use it standalone, I use it as an AAX plugin in Pro Tools. And at this point, I’ve removed it from my plugins folder because it prevents Pro Tools from starting up. It crashes on launch, without any commentary on why, but after removing the entire BFD folder from my Pro Tools plugins I’m running along fine - albeit without BFD, which makes BFD currently utterly useless.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a workaround or a fix - either now or planned?

Thanks heaps!

System -
Pro Tools 2020.3
MacOS 10.13.16

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I have a similar issue on Win 10 running Pro Tools 2020. However in my case the BFD3.4 plugin doesn’t show up at all and no amount of re installing, cache trashing or rescanning seems to help. I think there’s meant to be a fix for the AAX format in the next update. Fingers crossed it’s soon.

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