BFD settings not saved!

Yea, I am seeing a lot of issues with the new version so I recently opened 2 other support tickets for problems with many settings not being saved with Session and articulation settings on the Model page for the hi-hat? When I close BFD and reload the same session not all settings are saved? Sure hope I’m not the only one that has discovered this yet? I have found a work-around for some of these issues by simply loading the session a 2nd time, it seems most of the settings from prior session were restored except for a 2nd snare I had linked to the original snare, the slot for the snare was restored but not the snare itself? Still this is descent work-around since the other settings including the key map are restored with session by simply reloading session preset a 2nd time, of course it does not seem to work completely, still have to load a drum or restore a setting, hopefully they can fix these issues? Update May 18th 2023: Still having on-going problems with settings not being saved for sessions, like toms missing in some sessions and then I try to load again but when session shuts down and then restored the drums are missing again?

I have had similar issues all through the years with this. Not only this latest release.

Mac or Windows? -----

The problem I am having is with BFD3.4.5 is on Windows 10.

Ah ok, I am on Mac, thx. No such prbls here.