BFD only generates crash report

I successfully migrated BFD and many expansion packs from Fxpansion to Inmusic, got the most recent license manager (, and began to download and reauthorize BFD, the core library, and expansion packs. After this three-day procedure, BFD3 generated a crash report immediately on open. Per support articles, I deleted all BFD files from all drives, uninstalled BFD3 and the LM, and then re-installed just the LM and BFD3, to see if BFD would open without any possibly corrupt content. It will not; again, I only get a crash report. I have booted in safe mode, but that doesn’t change anything; still only get a crash report. I know of nothing else to try. Can someone help?

Running Monterery on a quad-core i7 MacBook Pro.