BFD 2 Paths Remove?

Should I remove these now that I have Eldorado and London Sessions installed.

Some other expansions put presets, kits, and grooves in that path. You can remove it if there’s nothing else in there that you’re using, but I think it may come back if you end up installing those.

Thanks Kafka, the problem I’m seeing is that I’m getting duplicate drums showing i the browser under kits, and one will be either in Elederado or London sessions. the other will be in one of the BFD2 paths. not sure how else to stop that.

My approach was to delete the actual duplicate files, since they’re not needed. Also consider that if you use a preset that’s in System and save it, you’re actually saving a duplicate into your user directory. So, in general, management of duplicates can be a somewhat ongoing thing.

Guessed there wouldnt be a simple path, just looking at BFD 1’s extra snares that are duplicated by Elderado so in the data path I could remove just that Extras folder and loose the BFD1 copy and still have those drums available. Guess thats what you mean by ongoing.

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