BFD 1 Eldorado for people who don't have BFD1?

Does the technology exist to obtain the Eldorado Drums for those who didn’t purchase BFD 1?
If so - Where and how?

I found BFD 1.5 (Eldorado) on eBay for pretty cheap. You’d want to verify from the seller that the serial is no longer registered to them though.

Here’s another option for the actual Eldorado expansion new, but it’s more money. The seller JRR Shop is totally legit though and have their own website. I’ve bought many plugins from them.

In either case, you’d have to get replacement serials from Drew, or inMusic support. I’m not sure if you’d have to go the long route and register the serials first, through Fxpansion.

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This is IMPORTANT. Otherwise you will have paid for nothing.

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So I guess the point is that although the London Sessions (bfd2 content) is available from various outlets, Eldorado is (for the most part) not?
Can someone bring that up at the next meeting, that they should make that an available expansion pack?
Thank you.

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Wondering the same thing. Is it still possible to get the Eldorado sessions? Love to revisit that library, used to use it a lot.

It is strange that London is available on their website, but not Eldorado. They give replacement serials for BFD1 and the installers have been updated for inMusic. Maybe @BFD_Drew has some info on why they no longer offer it for purchase?