BFD 1 and BFD Eldorado availability

Hello guys!

I’ve been searching for a really specific BFD 1.0/ 1.5 snare drum sound for some extensive months, and recently, came to know about the BFD Eldorado expansion pack.
I’m not a BFD3 user, but I’ll buy the plugin if there’s any way of having the original sound in it, though it’s been difficult to find ANY info about it on the web.

Could someone shed a light on this topic for me?
Is it, in any way, possible to have BFD 1/1.5 nowadays? Or even the Eldorado pack?

If anyone’s interested, this is the exact snare sound I’m looking for:

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Eldorado is a repackaged version of the original BFD1 library.
It is made for, and will only run in BFD3 so if you want it, then you will need to purchase BFD3.

It might be possible to get hold of BFD1 or BFD2 but they are no longer supported and will most likely be pirated versions anyway.

Are you on a mac or windows?

BFD3, despite it’s unnecessarily draconian licensing system, is still the best sounding drum vst if realism is what you want.



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I’m on Windows.

About the Eldorado pack, my only problem with it is the fact that I didn’t find it online for purchase ( if I’m not mistaken, there’s only one being sold on reverb, but the price is a bit… salty for someone who only wants a snare sample lol).

I’m already pretty sold on BFD 3 though, one of my favorite composers uses it a LOT and the kit pieces sound amazing. Right now I’m just saving up a bit to get the software ( so knowing about BFD 1 would be crucial to my planning about what to buy and all that stuff).

Do you have any recommendations on getting the BFD 1 sounds?

@mosq You might be out of luck man, unless you’re willing to fork over a lot of cash. Eldorado is no longer available for purchase on the BFD Drums website, or 3rd party retailers. You can see this post here, where I linked a couple of options for someone else inquiring about Eldorado.

The eBay listing for BFD1 is reasonable, but you need to contact that seller and make absolutely sure that the serial# is not associated with any account. That’s the cheaper option. The other listing on Reverb, is for a new Eldorado, so there shouldn’t be an issue there, but it’s $149. So that, plus BFD3 is kind of a lot for some dated software, albeit pretty great sounding.

They really should make Eldorado accessible for those who want to experience the sounds of the OG BFD. It’s always fun to revisit those sounds.

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I see… That’s pretty unfortunate, but thank you!

Also, I do agree that the eBay listing for BFD1 is really good, but the taxes for importing it in my country + shipping ( Brazil) made the price almost double lol.

For the future, I’ll just keep an eye open for other listings or ( the most probable outcome) get that snare sample of it somehow ( it’s still hard, though not impossible)

Thanks again!

You never get exactly the sound you hear as the exact mixer settings used in A DEMO are NEVER included unless the DEMO is for an actual Preset.
Snare sounds like the 14x3.25 Premier Piccolo (Snare 1…Kit 1) in BFD1/Eldorado.
The 14x7 TAMA Tempesta (Gel…Snare OFF) in BFD3 Core Library is a close match… wouldn’t take much tweaking…

BFD 3 Core Library TAMA Tempesta 14:45

There are numerous videos on youtube for the TAMA Tempesta…good examples depends on the drummer.

Here’s a couple

TAMA Tempesta

TAMA Tempesta

I guess the fact that Elderado can’t fully embrace all of BFD3’s features makes it outdated but I’m surprised they no longer sell it. I mean it can’t cost them anything to sell it and there are certain to be people who would still want it, despite it’s limitations.


We’re not allowed to sell Eldorado. That’s the only reason we don’t sell it. It is a good back, loads of great sounds!

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Would the reason you’re not allowed to sell it be a secret? :thinking:


Was just one of the fallout things from when inMusic purchased BFD. No big secret, but not going to go into details :slight_smile:

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So Eldorado/BFD1 are essentially collector’s items now? It just doesn’t make sense that it wasn’t thrown in there with the deal. What’s the point of Fxpansion, Roli, or whomever hanging onto it in limbo?

What about if the current team records a new expansion with the same kit pieces and similar vibe to Eldorado? I think that would definitely sell. Heck, I’d buy it even though I have the original.

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There are certainly more packs being planned right now. Things should start to get a bit more exciting for BFD over the next … well… next months, year, and years. Can’t say much right now.


That’s really good to know, thanks!

For some context, BFD 1 was used by Shoji Meguro, a master japanese composer, in his PS2 era games ( and it had a really distinctive sound, which I’ve been chasing for some time).

It took me a good while to figure out the plugin ( or even if it was a plugin lol), as there isn’t much BFD 1 video/ audio footage on the internet nowadays. But, after long searches, I’ve been able to track down the kit and the two distinctive kit pieces ( snare, the one that I mentioned but didn’t know the name or anything, and the kick, which I found isolated on one of the only YouTube demos of BFD 1.5).

That’s a big advancement for me, much thanks!


Now’s not the best time for me, but in the future and if you’re still interested I could try and make you samples of those kit pieces… One shots wouldn’t be too difficult, but maybe I could make a few velocities and you can import them into a sampler with multi-velocity capability.

Funny you mention PS2… I’m currently playing Ratchet & Clank - Going Commando. Long live the PS2 with FMCB and OPL. Still the best-selling game console of all-time I believe.

Actually, I’ve, through this thread, been able to get the samples I wanted ( someone helped me on the DMs :D), so there’s no need to it, but thanks for the overall help and the will to sample it!

Also, heck yeah, long live to OPL and FMCBoot! they keep me playing in my PS2 nowadays too.
For curiosity, these drums were used extensively in Persona 4’s soundtrack, the major reason why I’m looking after it.

Anyways, much thanks everyone on this thread, REALLY, it helped a lot and now my problem’s solved.


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Glad to hear you found what you were looking for…
Since you mentioned Persona 4 was the Soundtrack…the Song that stood out “I’ll Face Myself-Battle” is definitely the Ayotte Kit…

14x3.25 PREMIER Piccolo
22x16 AYOTTE Bedford (OFF/Felt)
16x16 AYOTTE Velvet
12 ZILDJIAN Special Recording HH
16 ZILDJIAN K Dark Brilliant


This song, some years ago, was what made me start looking for these drums. The way the snare fells big and hard hitting is crazy.

Now I’ve been able to reproduce the kit, thanks!

yeahhh Shoji Meguro’s BFD usage was the reason I (well technically my wife, gf at the time… I was a broke ass musician even back then lol) bought BFD in what, 2003/4? My old BFD/Platinum libraries are accessible to me through that old windows XP hard drive, that I still use.


@ mosq. Please check your PM