BFD 1.5 to 3.4 Not working

I have just updated from BFD 1.5 to BFD 3. None of my BFD 1.5 kits will load in to the newer version. I can see them there in the kit list. To add there are alot of BFD3 kits that will load but wont play. There will be a small yellow sigh on the kits but no sound. The only kit that will play is Oblivion. That was one of the free expansion packs that came with the upgrade. I have rescan the drive where the files are placed with no luck.

Going from BFD 1.5 to BFD 3 (skipping BFD2) is a Major Jump (15+ years…BFD2 was released in 2008)…including DATA changes and NEW CORE Libraries…(wav > bfdca > bfdlac).
Factory Audio Content from BFD 1/2/Eco cannot be used with BFD 3.4…this audio content has been packaged as BFD El Dorado (for BFD 1) and BFD London Sessions (For BFD 2).
It would probably be easier to start fresh…some of the Expansions from 1.5 era are no longer available for BFD 3.4 …like DELUXE…XFL , so you would need to check how that works (licensing) if you have those expansions.There is a convertor to compress/update the earlier wav libraries but I don’t know about the v1.5 Kits/Presets and the grooves were reformatted etc etc

Did you migrate licenses etc etc from your Fxpansion Account…to InMusic…?
A good place to start…

I upgraded according to your web add. Applied my serial number. No where does it say that BFD 1 will not work with it.

@Lockon94 You need to get a replacement serial# for BFD1 (Eldorado). Same sounds, just packaged differently. Once you have the new serial, you must download the Eldorado content… you can’t use the original BFD1 library audio content.

Drum Software BFD3 (

No where on this page states that BFD 1 Will not work with BFD 3

Yes, but it is stated in the inMusic frequently asked questions posted by Chaser above and also on the FXpansion website under BFD Migration to inMusic/Legacy BFD Products.

Definitely should be more clear though. For some odd reason, they didn’t realize that there are users out there who still want to use their BFD1/2 libraries.

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As others have rightly pointed out, the original BFD1 was repackaged and renamed Elderado.

Elderado IS the original BFD 1 library with a different name.