Beta Install Process ? Revert to previous Build?

Hi,Is there a clear set of instructions on how to install the Beta ? I am afraid to enter a world of chaos and confusion trying to get this installed. From what Im seeing on the forum, its not so simple ?

And while we are at it, if things go sideways at some point, how would I revert to a previous build ?

It would be great to see this laid out clearly on the forum.

+1 as a new Beta tester I’m a little reluctant to jump in. I’d like to know if there is a way to backtrack if things go tits-up.

I clicked the download link from the BFD3.4.4.19 - Private Beta page, then in the BFD GUI click on downloads and hit the play button. It installed very smoothly for me like that. If I am not mistaken, you could download the previous version install file and just revert back to it that way?

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Im getting my ass beat trying to install