Best overall fxpansion pack?

Hey guys. I just bought bfd3 and am pretty disappointed with the lack of quantity and variety in the core library… no complaints about the quality. But it seems they are creating more need for fxpansion packs. I’m tight on funds after the bfd3 purchase and was hoping for some guidance towards the best fxpansion packs. I’m looking for drums I can use across metal/pop genres. Thanks for your help

Take a look at Imperial Drums. It’s a nice, punchy expansion that will fit into harder genres. Also, Platinum Samples’ Joe Barresi Evil Drums.

If you want to lean into something geared mostly towards modern metal, Oblivion and Sphere give a more pre-processed sound. Heavy is a more traditional sounding metal/hard rock expansion, and equally good.

Awesome thanks mate. Yeah I guess mostly I’m leaning towards heavier drums. I love the drums in system of a down - toxicity. Trying to replicate the sound

There’s a preset in Heavy called ‘HVY Systematically Down’. I have no idea how it compares to what you’re looking for. Here’s the offical demo track:

Maybe The Black Album expansion? I don’t have it but it sounds like it might fit you.

In any case I’d wait until Black Friday and see how far your funds go, you might be able to afford a couple of expansions