Authorization check has caused all of my projects to crash on startup

Been using BFD3 for 90 days, and finally got my first dreaded authorization check. I had to reload all of my presets, which I’m assuming is normal. I got everything up and running and it seemed fine, until I closed reaper and reopened it. Every project that had BFD running on it would crash on startup. I was able to open the projects in recovery mode (without vsts) and manually activate each one, but when I try opening it with fx enabled it just crashes again. I know that BFD is causing the problem because I literally see the plugin window open right before it crashes. What could’ve happened during the reauthorization process that threw everything off? How can I get it back to normal? And most importantly, why is this even a thing?

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This happened to me recently as well. Trying to open any session in Pro Tools with a BFD3 Instrument track crashed it. I eventually just re-installed the latest build and that kinda fixed it, but I’ve got other issues now too. This thing seems to just develop bugs on it’s own after time passes, without changing anything in your rig.