Argonaut Drums VSTi+TCI files

I saw this posted on the Steven Slate Drums FB group. This one looks pretty interesting and is cheap. Based on an acrylic kit, RAW+TCI files, 10 Meinl Byzance cymbals, 8 snares. Not much in the way of FX, but it seems like it has a decent set of articulations. Just passing it along incase anyone wants to take it for a spin.

Full version with TCI files ($25)

Limited Demo version


I gave it a whirl too, has potential. Doesn’t sound too bad either.

Nice. I haven’t yet. The full version isn’t quite free, but how would you say the demo stacks up against some of the other freebies out there?

Looking at the interface some more, it kinda reminds me of the BFD3 “scientific” look with the whites and blues.

In all fairness I only installed it and messed around for a few minutes using a drum pad, the free version only has one tom, once cymbal, kick, snare and hat if I remember correctly, it sounded ok, I’ll have a look at it properly in the next couple days. Put it this way, if I was in need of drums for my recordings, I’d take BFP Player or ML drums over this in an instant, at least they offer the full kits etc. But I would also take this just to have a different sounding kit too. They should of at least added the floor tom to the free kit too. I’ll come back and post once I have played around with all the settings etc, keen to see what you think too.

PS. I am glad it didn’t sound like an over processed robot like almost everything else out there that boasts being mix ready.

Free version takes forever to load in DAW (Cubase)

Something i learned about trying new drum libraries is that BFD is the best. I always keep coming back to BFD.
There’s only one thing i cannot get right and it’s i cannot get a nice open hi hat sound while playing.
Other than that, i’ve tried a lot a no one gets close to BFD.


100%. BFD Rules. I do like playing around with others, just to see what they’re about. But for serious works and so on. BFD all the way.

Actually, i’m waiting for a price drop so i can buy Crush, Sphere and modern snares.

That’s mine - thanks for checking it out!
My goal was to create a cheap, alternative drum library of raw, multi mic, multi velocity / round robin samples. It supports 16 (stereo) multi-out / routable channels, so you can group your instruments and throw whatever fx you want on them (I use what’s included in Reaper). Feel free to ping me with any questions - I’ll respond faster on YouTube or FB, but I’ll try to monitor this thread :metal: