Are the free presets for Deluxe available anywhere?

There were at one time free presets for Deluxe and XFL available from FXpansion on your account downloads page. I’ve done a fair bit of searching there, on InMusic account downloads, and on the interwebs and have come up empty handed. They were mentioned here:
Cakewalk Forum - Free BFD Presets

Does anyone know where these can be downloaded?

I don’t recall there ever being any, other than kit presets.

If someone does find some though I’d like to hear them.
It’s a beast of a kit to work with but great when it works.


I was hoping @BFD_Drew might see this and be able to shed some light.

hmmmmmmm… you know what… I don’t know anything about those! I will have a dig around and see if I have them on an old FX backup drive or not.


Fanks. Muchas gracias. Vielen Danks. Merci beaucoup.