Are BFD servers down?

At the advice of bfddrew I took everything bfd off this computer and then attempted to reinstall. I am currently running BFD lm version

The first time it got to about 25 gigs and then stopped, tried it again after deleting the partially downloaded file, emptied the trash and then attempted do download again. I love the sound of BFD when it works but it is now Number 1 on my list of the most exasperating user experience. For Gods sake, somebody fix this abomination!!!. Can I roll back to the FXspansion? At least that worked
Frustrated beyond belief

Mac cheesegrater. Sierra.


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Why did you delete the partial download of the content? BFD License Manager can resume from the point where the download failed quite easily. This usually happens because of a local issue, our download servers experienced no downtime recently. Our auth server did on Wednesday, but was quickly fixed.

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I figured it was better to start clean. As per your earlier advice I went through and deleted all the BFD components I will try again today. We are on fibre optic here in Vancouver and there are no issues that are apparent in terms of the server. Thanks for hanging with me. Brian

Now nothing is happening. it just sits there

Maybe this is one of those situations where you have to log out then log in again.

I am getting server error messages as well. Yesterday my licenses wouldn’t pop up in my LM— today nothing loads at all. I’ve been having small problems ever since the migration to inMusic. This might be the straw that broke the camel’s back…

I have 55Mb/sec capability currently.
Yet , I sit here and watch BFD3 library downloading at 3Mb/s.
This perplexes me somewhat.