Anyone have the Drumdrops kits? Super classic

Really looking to get the 1965 super classic pack. Would it still even work? Would pay decent money for it

Not sure these will run with BFD3.4, which is what I am running.

I have the DrumDrops Vintage Funk and Modern Folk expansions – they show up in the BFD license manager as registered, but not installed and they won’t re-install on my current (M1) system without an update.

Looking into that with DD now, tho feeling somewhat skeptical…


I have the DrumDrops Yamaha Hybrid kit. It has always worked fine for me in BFD3 - no issues with the license manager, but I’m still on mac intel. Purchased end of 2017 before drumdrops stopped support of bfd. I have a couple of other drumdrops kits with the original full individual mic kontakt sample set, which I use in Reaper with the samplomatic plugin.


have two DD kits, (Gretsch RB, Slingerland), they sounded great, were perfect for a couple of full album projects.

… had some problems with these projects post-InMusic where certain kit pieces would spike a channel and kill the audio for the DAW. This happened in both Studio One and Cakewalk on Win10. Similar issues were noted by others, (believe they were posted somewhere here), but seemed to have worked themselves out, as i managed to get through the (project) updates. haven’t tried either expansion lately.

planning a new PC build, should have the original installers somewhere, will be :crossed_fingers: to see if they work or not (after rendering everything to wav files).

any notes/update on your experience would be appreciated here should you choose to go ahead and give it a try. tia.

I guess this is the last resort. Have 3 drumdrop expansions but no installers anymore. Anyone here have, and willing to share a download link for these?

Yamaha Hybrid
Sixties Motown
Gretsch Round Badge

Did they reply back?

DD has replied that their expansions are not compatible with BFD 3.4 (no surprise there) and that that’s pretty much it.

Will now redouble my crate-diving efforts! :smile:

They absolutely are compatible. All DD need to do is update their installers. I’ve reached out to them numerous times to get this done, but they do not seem to be interested in doing this. But as people are reporting, there is nothing wrong with our side of the content. Existing installations authorize just fine.

My advice is to go with an expansion pack provider who stands by their products - either us directly, Platinum Samples, or eSoundz.


So if I could find a DD pack I really want the DD Super classic (transferred over or whatever) would I be able to use it?

Also I do have the Kontakt version of this pack but I would love the BFD one. Am I spinning my wheels? Would I be gaining anything extra? I just feel it would sound and play better.

Yes Drew, you are correct as usual & I apologize for stating the difficulty incorrectly – DD informed me that the current state of the expansion’s installer is not compatible, not the expansion itself.

Of course, without an updated installer one cannot enjoy the sounds within BFD3, so the upshot is (arguably) the same for us users – but I guess all we can do is to hope for DD to catch up, and to thank you for keeping after them to do so.