Anybody out there who has been helped by BFD Support lately?

May be it’s just my impression, but on this forum, on gearspace and kvr forums I have been reading complaints of people with nightmarish migration experiences regarding the new BFD. Has anybody been helped by the support team already? Is there a support team? Or is it just the nice (and poor) guy Drew who is fighting windmills aka management?


It does seem like it’s just Drew holding the fort and I don’t think I’ve seen any other members of Team BFD on this forum. Not sure how big the Dev team are but I’d hope they’re all really far too busy fixing the plethora of issues people are having.

As for the migration nightmare, I do know that it had been intended to let us beta testers to wheedle out the bugs and gremlins beforehand but they were forced to meet deadlines.

Also, I don’t know of any other software company that have gone though this, ‘migration’ process so I can’t really compare it with anything else to say how well they have done it.


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Yes, I’m getting support on an email request.

Yesterday I have been surprised by Drews solution approach regarding the missing BFD2 and Zildjian expansions. Maybe not the most conventional way to fix a problem - but Drew sent me the new licenses within less than a minute and it worked.
If the online issue will be fixed within the next days I will be fine again with my bfd installation. Thanks a lot Drew!


I had a good online chat with support, but my main issue is using BFD3.4 offline. At the moment this is not possible and although he was supportive, I was not altogether clear that this was unintentional or accidental. If it is intentional I will move to Superior Drummer, which will be very annoying as I have at least 80% of the expansions.

Where I live we do have breaks in the internet, on one occasion for nearly a week and it would be unacceptable not to be able to use BFD3 for that length of time. Plus I do not know on piece of music software that has this restriction/requirement.

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I had emailed support some days ago, they just got back to me. However, I had better luck with Drew over at KVR getting my issues sorted.

Support was nice, but couldn’t do anything. Contacted Drew though, and he fixed me right up.

Just a small post so I can message people.

I emailed support 2 days after the release of the new update and then again 2 weeks later. No response. Glad to hear there is some sort of support, although choosy with whom they wish to respond. Same issues as most on this forum - can’t use bfd2 samples, Manu Katche snares, extremely slow boot up in stand alone with those irritating transfer from fxpansion choice that does not work and content folder preference screen every time. So, is there a fix for getting bfd2 running with this?

Drew can help with this if you mail him via this forum. In my case he reacted within a few minutes after I mailed him and I was sent the license for the London Sessions expansion (which is equivalent to BFD2 content. Good luck!

@BFD_Drew should work to reach Drew via this forum

Thanks. I appreciate your help!

I have been waiting for 4 days to get a reply from BDF support. How long does it usually take?

Hi ,

in my case they never answered via the official channel, but Drew (BFD3 Product owner) is usually very responsive if you contact him directly via this forum :wink:

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