Any word yet on BFD3 compatibility with Ventura?

Any word yet on BFD3 compatibility with Ventura?

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I’m using Logic on an Intel Mac and want to know if it’s safe to upgrade to Ventura

I’d like to know too. I just ordered a used 2017 iMac so that I can update to newer Mac OS (I’ve been on a 2011 iMac for a while, stuck at High Sierra). I’m out here on the web looking to see if I should install Ventura on the newer iMac when it arrives, or if that would be a bad idea. I have seen a number of developers indicate support for Mac OS Ventura, but apparently not BFD3?

I just upgraded to Ventura this evening. A quick glance shows BFD3 v3.4.4.31 working just fine on my Intel MPBR. I’m probably not going to put it through the ringer anytime soon.

I’d say it’s safe to give it a try. As always, do a backup first so you can restore to a previous version if necessary.

I “could”… but no, there’s no way I am going to go through all the time and effort of updating to a new OS version and everything that usually goes along with that, only to restore the machine to a prior version from some half-baked Time Machine restore process.

Right now I am on Monterey, the current Logic version, and, in line with today’s Apple, the OS is full of bugs that didn’t exist in High Sierra. As for BFD, I am on the current version of Logic and BFD, and BFD isn’t receiving ANY MIDI at all. WTF??

Ventura isn’t remotely an experiment I want to have right now, to discover all the latest and newest bugs Apple has added to the OS (because really, that’s what we are talking about anymore with this industry: new major versions mean new bugs, and rarely fixes for existing bugs), if it’s not certified to be working with everything I run. For example: Native Instruments Reactor apparently is listed as not compatible(??).

I’m SO SICK OF ALL OF THIS. I just want to use my tools, not constantly be trying to fix them when they do not work.