Any expansion packs fav list?

Hello, everyone
I am loving BFD3 so much. I love modern drums
Actually, I already bought much of expansion packs of BFD3
however, I need more information about which expansions people love usually in so many choices
I searched google a lot about this but yet didn’t find any such full preference list
So do we have any expansion packs favorite list or preference list or
do we have any detailed preference survey results (ranking etc) for all of the expansion packs ??
Thank you and happy new year to all of you!!

Dark Farm
Modern Retro
Dunnett Ti
Sonic Reality - Hugh Padgham
Sonic Reality - Nick Mason


Hello, Fender_Bender
Thank you for your recommendations and opinions
And, BFD3 does not have sufficient audio sample files or youtube vidoes for each pack
so for me, it’s hard to select among them
According to your suggestion, I will consider Oblivion and Dunnett Ti
So see you again and have nice holidays, Fender_Bender

Check the BFD Drums SoundCloud account…there are well over 400 Tracks covering the Majority if not all of the expansions/Groove packs and BFD Player…except for some 3rd party such as Sonic Reality.
Click on the bfddrums as for some reason every link I post defaults to BFD Player.

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Hello, Chaser
Oh, thank you so much for your valuable information
Now I got it
So have great holidays and see you again, Chaser
Best regards,

I would like to know more about Platinum samples. I’ve been listening to the Platinum’s website demos and i like most of the libraries a lot.
My question is if there are presets or it’s just the kits.
How much space do i need to get evil drums, jim scott and Andy johns?
They sound amazing!!

I’m pretty sure they come with presets… you may just have to import and save them as bfd3 presets, as they are from the BFD2 era.

Hey Fender!

Do you own any of them?

I don’t, but there are users here that have posted great things about the platinum samples expansions in the past. Hopefully someone here, that has them can chime in and give you their opinions.

Do Platinum samples ever go on sale or something?
Hard to pick one. I like all of them a lot.

I have never seen them go as low as some of the BFD, or Sonic Reality expansions, but I think they might occasionally go on sale. Two are 40% off right now.

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How do i import them?

From the manual:

Import Presets
Import Kits (not available with Groove Editor or Key Map panel visible)

These functions create BFD3 Presets or Kits within the database (saved into the user location) from a folder containing these files. It may be useful to do this if downloading multiple presets or kits created by another user.

The Import Kits function can import BFD 1.5 or BFD2 format kit files - their contents are recreated within BFD3 as closely as possible.

The Import Presets function works only with BFD3 Presets - BFD 1.5 and BFD2 Presets can be loaded directly from the Browser - simply ensure that your BFD 1.5 and/or BFD2 user locations are included within BFD3’s Content Locations panel.


One last question. One of the reasons i bought modern retro was because there was a preste i loved calles “British tama” when i bought it i found that that preset didnt exist.

Is there any chance i can get it?

There is a track called “Mellow - Tama British”…
That is a Track made in the Kontakt Version…
Same Sample set…Different Engine,Mics, FX…Presets etc.

Mellow - Tama British

Yeap. That whats exactly the sound i wanted.

Actually i thought the presets would be the same for bfd but i was wrong.

Thank you chaser!!