Another data point regarding the License Manager Issues

I’m lucky because things are working for me, and I feel for the folks having issues. I just wanted to add that InMusic probably isn’t entirely to blame. I actually had this problem when I purchased Strobe2 from the FXpansion site, but post Roli takeover, and it wouldn’t work because the License Manager wasn’t getting the license properly from the ROLI server. I got the exact same message inside of Strobe2 that people here see: The license Manager can’t connect to the Roli server, or your license is not valid, and various other messages. I waited 5 weeks before someone from ROLI finally got back to me and fixed the issue by giving me a new Roli based license. At least here we have Drew doing what he can to get people taken care of, though I would suspect that he would sorely love to have more help getting things squared away.
Anyway, just thought people should know that this same issue existed on the Roli side.