Alesis Nitro Max zone mapping

Hi all,

Pardon my ignorance here, I have just read conflicting reports by users and wanted to see if anyone here can confirm. I have an Alesis Nitro Max kit, I got an extra Tom and cymbal from a buddy so I have no expansion slots left. I just picked up two Nimrod triggers and want to set them up. So currently the snare is dual zone, the rest are single, which is just the stock configuration. I guess the simplest away to frame the question is, if I bought a dual zone Tom from another kit and replaced the stock single zone drum, would both of the zones be mappable? I’d love to upgrade my cymbals as well to dual zone, but I need to know if the connections on the Nitro Max are all CAPABLE of supporting a dual zone pad/cymbal.

If yes, I know how to map in BFD but would there be anything different I’d need to keep in mind that is different since it wouldn’t be the exact “Alesis Nitro Max” keymap template?

If no, does anyone have any ideas on how to add more triggers without replacing the drum module? I don’t mind tinkering with velocities and stuff, I just need something that I can add as a second midi input, aside my Alesis controller, that takes 1/4" connections and I can connect to my laptop via USB

Thank you!!

Nitro Max User Guide/Manual v1.1…pg 25.

MIDI Map shows Snare/Toms are Dual Zone.
Kick/Cymbals are single Zone with the exception of the expansion for Cymb 2(Crash 2) showing to use a TRS cable.

Crash 2 Trigger Input (1/4” [6.35 mm] TRS)
“Use a standard 1/4” TRS cable to connect this input to an optional cymbal pad,which will trigger the Crash 2 sound"

Check all the cymbal cables to see if TRS or TS.
The User Guide/Manual shows No additional MIDI Notes for the cymbals so they are more than likely single zone with TRS cables to allow for choking.
You’ll have to split (Y-cable or splitter box) the Tom trigger inputs to add more triggers.
You can only use Piezo Type triggers…Switch type are not compatible…No Edge…No Bell…No Choke…only the Bow of a Cymbal will function.
When splitting triggers you cannot strike both triggers at the same time as they will cancel out.
Few modules (older Alesis…Original DM10…Trigger I/O) have “Zone Talk” feature…that allowed simultaneous hits.
The Nitro Max module does not have additional articulations/samples for Tom rims or for Edge and Bell which are typically the 2nd/3rd zone on a cymbal and are switch type trigger zones and as mentioned previously are not compatible with Piezo Type (Kick/Snare/Tom) inputs.

The Nitro Max does Not have a Variable Hi Hat…it has a Continuous Variable “Type” Pedal…
The Module does not send CC4.(Pedal Position)

Thank you so much! That was super helpful. I love having the snare as dual zone with an active trigger in the rim for rimshots, for the toms I don’t really care that the stock 8" pads don’t have a rim tho. I figured I’d I can split two of those and hook up my 2 Nimrod triggers to use for a cowbell and a stack. I have a buddy who will sell me his old Yamaha DTS 70, which is old school but would work great long term, since I’m actively on the lookout for used/cheaper two or three zone cymbals. But as far as my current setup goes, I just want to make sure I get the right splitters.

Can you show me an example of what type I need for this to work? If you wouldn’t mind, just like an Amazon link or something so I know exactly what type to order.

I don’t tell users what to purchase…especially when using a module with a DB25 Harness as there isn’t an exact pt#…a Module using individual inputs is simple…DB25 Harness has predetermined “Fixed” cable lengths.

I only provide examples so you can research and make an informative decision on what works best for your setup (check youtube for examples etc etc) and your module was released only a short time ago (Feb).
Here is also where it gets messy if you don’t fabricate your own cables as there are options as when using a DSB25 harness you can end up with multiple connections and (3) cables for each trigger input split…(1)DB25 Cable > Splitter > Cable…Cable …so plan ahead…location etc etc.
Typically the splitters are offered in different configurations …and originally for splitting directly from the module.
Avoid splitting to triggers you’ll hit simultaneously …like Tom 3/4 and there are some other issues that might popup using cymbals or splitting a cymbal input.

A company providing cables in some of the links have a resistor in one cable for “Volume equalization” … Alesis Modules…in General… do not require this…Roland Modules do require the resistor

Silverline Y Splitter cables are compatible with Alesis V-Drums. (most) Please be sure you can re-assign zone sounds with your unit.

Here is an example of a company that sells Trigger Splitters…and their definition…

Thunder Custom Kits.

also links to examples of splitters sold and companies that fabricate/manufacture their own…there are numerous companies now offering Trigger Splitters.

EBAY Drum Trigger Splitter Cables

Male to (2) Female (NO db25 Harness)

Female to (2) Female

Female to (2) Male

2ft Splitter Female to (2) Male Y-Cable For ROLAND BOSS OR ALESIS V-Drum Cable

drum-tec e-drum splitter stereo jack to 2x mono jack