Advice for old user new to inMusic

Hi all,
LONG TIME BFD2/3 user here that’s only just got round to migrating over to inMusic as i’ve had some long term projects that have been holding me back until they were completed.
My licence migrations all seem to have been done successfully, but i’m just wondering how to approach the next step and would love some advice.

Currently i have the fxpansion version, licence manager and a bunch of expansion packs installed.
The obvious one, is it wise to just uninstall and delete everything from this install, download all the new versions of my expansions and the new software/licence manager?
Any advice much appreciated!

Depending on which expansions you have, you should be able to just keep your current installs of your audio content. If you haven’t already, you need to download the inMusic LM from here: BFD Downloads

Once you sign in to the new LM, you can first download the latest BFD3 build, but you shouldn’t need to download the core library if you’ve already got it installed. You’ll be prompted to migrate your user FXpansion presets, grooves, etc. You can either let the installer do it, or you can manually copy them. There’s mixed opinions on which method is better.

Make sure you don’t get the 2 license managers or BFD3 standalone apps confused. Once you launch the new BFD3 standalone, you’ll have to add your content locations.

For BFD2 content (or BFD1 and a few other older expansions), you can’t use your existing install. You will need to get a replacement serial # for the London Sessions expansion, which is the equivalent audio content for BFD2. Send a PM to @BFD_Drew with your BFD2 serial # and email address associated with your inMusic account, or alternatively, you can try to reach support for a replacement. Open a ticket.

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HI Fender_Bender and MANY thanks for your reply.
I also got hold of someone on chat from support who suggested just installing the new licence manager, but i couldn’t get it to pick up anything of my current installation so i thought ‘time for a fresh start’.
I’ve completed licence migration etc and all my licences, except bfd2/london sessions seem to be sorted in the new licence manager.
I do have A LOT of expansions, BOMB, Deluxe, JnF, BFD2 content, JEX, Oak Custom,Jazz maple, Zildjian Vault 1 and a few more, so rather heavily invested in BFD3!
Thanks for the info re bfd2/London sessions, i’ll get on that tomorrow!
MUCH appreciate your reply :+1: :+1:

I think you may also need to get a replacement for BOMB, as that’s not officially migrated, but I think Marching Drums is the equivalent, just re-packaged?

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Yes mate, it’s been split into two packs now, Orchestral and Marching Band, from what i can see.
Just downloading some of the installers and will pick up again tomorrow as there’s rather a lot to download.

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Hmm, i don’t seem to be able to send a PM on here or from my profile, i’m guessing you have to make a certain amount of posts before one can send PMs?

Ah, it would seem my last post triggered the threshold for enabling PMs lol

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