Add user samples?

Greetings, everyone

I am in the closing phase of a big migration over to a Mac Studio and BFD3.4 (it’s great to have BFD back again!)

In previous versions of BFD we were able to add our own samples as kit pieces, and I created a few custom sounds back in those days. But I’m having a problem adding them back in to my browser now.

Is there a way to re-introduce these to 3.4? I’ve “scanned content paths” over & over, but BFD skips right over my own sounds (which the license manager naturally would not recognize either).

I’d also LOOOOOOVE to get my BFD2 sounds back up and running (I used that Fibes kit quite a bit). any suggestions for that as well?

Many thanks, and stay warm out there!

I’d love to be able to answer this because I too am planning to upgrade to a Mac Studio after 10 years on my current iMac. The problem for me is that BFD hasn’t released a VST3 version for us Cubase users. Since I intend also to upgrade to Cubase 13 (or at least version 12), it presents a major problem because Steinberg has dropped VST2 support, making BFD unusable in Cubase 13. If I ever want to use BFD3 in a project, I have to use it in older version of Cubase.

I was referring to samples that one specifically creates on their own – these used to be able to be added to BFD2 paths and you could load kit pieces with your own sounds.

I tend to use AU, so the VST problem hasn’t hit me that hard (…yet!)

However with respect to your VST3 question – I found a thread about that topic on this forum which mentions a couple of workarounds – I believe running under Rosetta is one of them, but there might be something useful for you in that conversation.