Account page for BFDdrums gone, now redirected to InMusic account page

It looks like the your account page at is gone and you now get redirected to the account page, which is a bit ghastly. All products are now listed as before but in a small window that you have to scroll within to find anything. All framed within a withering white and orange background, which having gotten used to the dark background at BFDdrums, will make your eyes bleed. A step backwards folks.

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Yeah really poor design, compared to the old fxpansion site seems too much to live up to. :frowning:



The Account link for BFD Drums, has always redirected me to inMusic’s account page instead, as far as I can remember?

Touché :wink:

Actually I was confusing the two websites.

I’m still confused actually, if I google BFD drums I get a different site as long as I don’t log in.

As soon as I log in at the above url it opens another tab that takes me to the other ‘’ site.

Why does it do that?


By the way @SF_Green, the link you posted takes me to some Hindu website. :wink:


D’oh! I didn’t really intend to make a link, just tacked ‘.com’ on the end of InMusic. Hope you enjoyed the Krishna detour! Fixed the link to avoid that in the future.

New expansion request: Indian percussion and grooves


To make matters worse the InMusic site wouldn’t recognize my password. Had to go the ‘forgot my password’ route to reset it.