Accessing the Free Expansion Pack for BFD migration

I have done the migration from FXPansion to inMusic, but am afraid to install v3.4 on my production system until I see more positive feedback that this version is stable and reliable. I need to purchase a new computer before I want to test this new version…

For those that have received the free expansion pack, could you please tell me, can I receive, or at least register this to my account without downloading and installing the new licence manager or BFD 3.4?

Also - could you please tell me which products are being offered as the free expansion pack?




Expansion packs free with the migration…

  • BFD Crush
  • BFD Oblivion
  • BFD Horsepower
  • BFD Jazz Noir
  • BFD Metal Snares
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Thanks. Do I need to install the license mgr or BFD 3.4 first before making my voice?


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You can get the expansion pack before you install the new bfd version. However it wont’t work with the legacy bfd3 version.

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Thanks. I”ve got my expansion back now…

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I am unable to claim the free migration pack.

I went through the process of copying the coupon code but it always gives an error message saying that it is invalid.

There are projects I would like to get on with using the BFD Horsepower pack. Please help as the response from the customer service gets nowhere despite a ticket being submitted.