Ableton Live 11 doesn't see BFD3

I looked and there was another post about this. They resolved their issue by reinstalling Ableton. That didn’t work here. Ableton still doesn’t see BFD3. I can see the vst and dll files and the BFD3.instruments file, but Ableton doesn’t see it. Anybody got anything else I could try?

Didn’t upgrade to Live 11: I’m still on 10.1.42. I don’t have any trouble finding BFD
Windows 10 Pro 1909

Are you on Win or Mac?

I’m in Windows 10. My other DAW can see the BFD3 and I can play it in standalone mode with my ekit. I did notice there wasn’t any .dll or vst file in one of the locations in the preferences menu, so I tried to copy and paste to make sure the Ableton file has the vst file in it, but nothing.

That’s strange. Maybe try Ableton support?

I thought that was a good idea, so I went and started a help desk ticket…only to discover that they offer support for full versions only, I have Lite, (it came with some hardware I got).

So, to connect this, I’ll have to pay another 75 bucks. That’s too bad. I guess I’ll go without.

Might try the Live subreddit. Should be someone able to help you there.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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Did you activate them?
I know there’s been issues with VST2,symbolic link workarounds, fixes etc…

Manual pg 317

19.3 VST Plug-Ins
19.3.1 The VST Plug-In Folder
When you start Live for the first time, you will need to activate your VST plug-in sources before
working with VST plug-ins. Depending on your computer platform, you may also have to tell Live
about the location of the VST plug-in folder containing the devices you want to use. In order to
set up your VST sources, press the Activate button in the browser’s Plug-Ins panel.

Here’s the link for Trouble shooting

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