A sizzle cymbał?

Do any of the expansion packs include a sizzle cymbal — a crash/ride cymbal with small holes drilled with loose-fitting rivets installed in the holes?

I used one on stage and in studio in the past and found it useful on occasion . I would like to have one in BFD3.

I hope I don’t have to drag parts of my drum kit out of the cases and sample my own sizzle cymbal.

Sabian Digital Vaults Crash 18 Evolution oZone might be what you’re looking for.

There are probably others but I’m not at my DAW right now.


@Steve63 Thanks for the heads up. I’ll buy it now while the Holiday Sale is still on. I’m sure their recording/sampling technique will sound much better than anything I could do by myself. Hard to play in one room, and run the DAW, watch the meters, etc. in the control room at the same time. :slight_smile:

Jazz 'n Funk has one, an 18" Sabian ride. Two, if you count brushes as one on addition to sticks

@ Civilization3 Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll pick this up next time BFD has a sale on Expansion packs.