8 bit kit presets chashing

Really weird crash that’s effecting just 2 of the 3 presets that came with the 8-Bit kit.

Even stranger, it’s happening on my desktop but not my laptop.

The presets load okay but when I press play it plays the first two hits and the BFD3 just closes, no crash log or anything.
Just before it happened I did a rescan of all my contents.
I have a feeling it might be the actual grooves that have become corrupted, when I load the presets with the attached grooves and load another groove from the browser they play fine.

I’m attaching the presets below for any 8-bit kit owners to try out.

Very odd


8-Bit Presets.zip (70.0 KB)


Ok guys here is the real and permanent fix for this BFD 8-Bit library kit samples snares crashing on BFD3. The real and unique problem and solution in in the BFDArticTweaks.xml file of each instrument articulation. Please find attached to this the file fix, you have to replace the BFDArticTweaks.xml files into each affected instrument articulation folder.

That is it, I hope you all enjoy it very much!!!

BFD 8 Bit Kit BFD ArticTweaks.xml fix.zip (45.6 KB)

I doubt anyone is going to purchase a Premium Subscription ($14.99 min) from Rapidgator for a 18KB file…just upload to the post.