8 Bit Kit and Missing Presets

just picked up the 8bit kit during the sale. Couple of questions -

  • are there any grooves that come with the 8bit kit - my installer included none.
  • there are NO BFD3 presets incl with that installer either - only BFD2 ??

Is it me?? - I am having trouble wrapping my head around the preset management / installation paths - It seems the installers are still “fxpansion” under the hood… (as when I install content - they keep creating an fxpansion folder in application support - which I keep deleting.)

There are no grooves, the presets are BFD2 files, but are absolutely BFD3 compatible. The installers are not fxpansion under the hood, all of that changed when we moved over to inMusic. Are you definitely using the newest installers that you can download in BFD License Manager?

What happened to the bonus grooves that apparently used to be available for 8-bit kit (from the FAQ still up on FXpansion.com)

Is there any way to get these still?

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BFD-Drew - thanks for the reply - Looking at my BFD installer - the 8bit Kit I purchased yesterday is Install version and it shows its “up to date”. I really need some help configuring the preset locations -it just feels like everything is everywhere - any help?