50% off BFD Expansion Packs at Plugin Boutique

Just passing along this sale in case anyone was interested that didn’t see it already.

I’m thinking about Metal Snares. Demos sounded really nice.

Buy BFD VST Plugins, BFD Instruments and Effects, Download Online,

Edit: Just another FYI, that you can get the PreSonus Fat Channel for free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique. Just tick the box during checkout.

Hello Fender Bender.

Thumbs up for the info.

A few weeks back I purchased a pack from Plugin Boutique.

The serial numbers were however, at that time for fxpansion and not bfd, and would not register.

Plugin Boutique were fantastic and offered me a full refund.

They said they were looking into the fxpansion - bfd - situation.

If they have sorted out the situation with the licences - it is a fantastic offer.

I’m going to purchase one of the packs today to see if the situation has been sorted.

If it does register and download with bfd’s licence manager it is well worth the money.

I’ll let you know if it’s working.


I just made a purchase for bfd wooden snares expansion - yet again - From plugin boutique Not good.

The situation with these outlets is not very clear at present.

I don’t know what’s going on. Last time I was given a licence for fxpansion - not bfd.

This time I have received nothing what so ever.

I would advise “not” to buy anything bfd related from anywhere but the bfd shop at present.

These offers are too good to be true. And a pain in the arse to rectify.


Hmm… I bought a groove expansion from Plugin Boutique around the time the transfer was taking place and I was able to migrate that Fxpansion serial to inMusic, though I hadn’t used the migration feature yet.

I’d contact PB. Sometimes it can take time to generate the serials, as it has to be done manually . That’s happened to me with other plugin retailers.

That’s a very intersting deal, but what about the serials? I’ll send them a mail and see what they have to say about this.

Hi ggmanestraki

They told me they were looking in to it last month.

From my end it would seem nothing has changed.

I sent a support form (plugin boutique) - no reply as yet. These things seem to be taking longer and longer.

They did sort it last time - and very quick.


Ah, I just sent them a request too. Good thing to know I shouldn’t wait for an answer soon.

So… Let’s say I bought one or two expansions. What then? Would I have to speak with plugin boutique’s support, or BFD’s support to get the appropriate serials?

I haven’t a clue what’s going on.

Last time I asked for a refund.

There was no problem and it was sorted that day.

It would seem that world is being made to fall apart in front of our eyes - when all we want to do is either play or program drums.


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So, you purchased Wooden Snares and under your account/products tab at Plugin Boutique it doesn’t show there with a serial#? When I bought the groove expansion through them not long ago, I could download the grooves right away and the serial# was there as well. Like I said, it wound up being an Fxpansion serial, so I had to migrate it, but it was not a problem. Showed up in my inMusic account right away.

But is migration an ongoing process? Can I continue migrating products from fxpansion’s account, even now that I’ve already migrated?

That I’m not sure about, but Drew would give you the new serials regardless.


I just purchased an expansion pack at Plugin Boutique and the serial came within seconds and was accepted by the new BFD license manager.


Ah, perfect! :+1:t3: Thanks for letting us know!



I’m now convinced it’s just me and this god forsaken computer.

I guess I miss out on another bargain.

Still - that’s life



Finally - at the end of a bloody crappy purchase and download day I get my stuff.

FANTASTIC when it works - no more words for when it doesn’t.

Got the serial number, entered it in bfd licence manager, and download in progress.

I spend more time trying to figure and sort out technical stuff instead of programming - not a good situation.

So - it’s finally worked - that’s all I can say - very pissed off with the whole situation that I’m convinced it’s not just a bfd thing - it’s the present condition of the windows OS, programs not functioning as they should - and everyone else blaming it on this environment entity run by robots.

Whatever happened to human beings.


Nice glad you got it working. Happy drumming. Did you remember to pick up the freebie for the PreSonus Fat channel at checkout?

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Hi Fender Bender.

No - I’m not into freebies. Over the years I’ve clogged up my system with stuff I don’t tend to use.

But I love the presonus stuff. I have the studio live ai 16 4 2 desk, and a few other hardware products.

The only thing I couldn’t get used to was their DAW software. I’m just so used to using cubase.


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Just a heads up. I just purchased Modern Retro through Plugin Boutique and all went smooth. No issues authorizing, or downloading with LM and everything seems to have installed fine. The serial generated is for the new BFD Drums and not FXpansion.

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I added the Jazz noir.

Plugin Boutique seems to have sorted everything out on their side.

All installations from them (bfd) have gone fine with no problems.

No problems installing on bfd side either.