2 files failed to download poperly

This is the message I have been receiving for more than a year already when I use the License manager. No solution yet. This happens with ALL the files related to BFD, which includes the latest update to

Yes, I have the latest manager. I am on a mac M1.

Any solutions?

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You’re talking about when you have used the licence manager to download kits I’m guessing?

Did you try to ignore the message and run the installer anyway?
That is what I would suggest doing.

This was happening a while back but I thought it was fixed in an updated version of the LM.

Your LM version should be at 30622 and it’s available here


Hi Steve,

I am using the right LM version. I cannot ignore the message, because it just won’t download when I install anyway. When I try to do this, I get the same message, and no further progress.

Same here. License manager and BFD3 is a nightmare. License manager stops downloading all the time and after 3 h you get “error. not all files have been downloaded”. 3 month ago I was already in contact with support to get all my expansions running on my 2019 Mac Pro without success. Now I thought I give it a try with a fresh install of everything on my new MacBook Pro but this nightmare just starts again. I really used to dig the sound quality of BFD but this latest software is unusable and amateurish at best.