WTF.. migration? you mean Exile!

I was using the app this morning and now after this migration/authorisation/content-path/ frozen-out-fiasco I’m stuffed.
Why inflict this when it’s in such a state?

on a mac. it froze when scanning content. licence also showed issue with BFD2 content.
had to force quit.
PLEASE RUN THE BFD LICENSE MANAGER… which states that it’s authorised!

And that’s it. re-installed app, de-authorised, re-authorised, whatever, a bloody loop and no way out for sure. Anybody…?

(and so much for the Freeby expansion pack… all I got was a link to the license manager manual).

I am currently completely shut out of BFD. I’ve tried rolling back to 3.3 but same.



Are you sure you ran the new “BFD License Manager” and not the older FXpansion License Manager?

Yep. Thanks though Funkybot.

There was also an issue with Mac Keychain. I kept getting a prompt for inMusic to have access to the keychain.Every time I put in the password it reappeared and then the app opened and froze.

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I found it froze when scanning content if I tried to do my entire content drive at once. It kept hanging on the Groove Monkey groove packs, Deluxe, and a couple of other places. I went back and added each content path individually, it got through all of them just fine.

You have to Allways Allow access to the keychain, or you’ll get prompted each time. I found I had to do this as a standalone and again as a plugin.

Make sure has access to your documents folder and removable volumes, under System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Files & Folders.

This is like some kind of cruel April fools joke. I’m probably what you could describe as a very experienced user and I’ve experienced all of the above and have given up in disgust.


yes did that and all the other suggestions. Original poster Sigmund describes exactly how my “migration” and install experience unfolded

@Sigmund @donmr

Heya, sorry you’re having issues. This auth issue has come up three times from what I can tell, and isn’t something we saw during testing. Are you both on OSX?

Could you try this:
Close BFD3.4
Launch BFD License Manager.
Log Out using the ‘user’ menu.
It will open a web browser to log you out of the inMusic Profile. Double check that it is definitely logged out.
Close BFD License Manager.
Find the folder: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/com.inmusicbrands.softwareunlock
Delete everything inside it.
Launch BFD3.4
Click the button to launch License Manager.
Log in through License Manager.
Log in through the website. Give License Manager consent.
Authorize all of your products.

Let me know if that helps!

Hi. I am having the same issue. Locked out of BFD since migrating. And I can’t find the folder you mention.

Exactly my experience, and no help so far.

If it helps any I’ve migrated but just checked back in to my product page at and all my products are still there so I’m downloading some older versions of BFD3 as a precaution.


@ Steve63 - I’d like to revert back to BFD3 V. but when I go to my product page at and click the download link, nothing happens. I’m unable to attain BFD3 V. Frustrating. If you still have the installer for MAC, maybe you could send that to me?

Can’t upload the actual file here so have uploaded it to mediafire at the link below.

Let me know if the link works or not


It worked. All good my man. A thousand thank you’s. You rock!

“my product page at and click the download link, nothing happens.”
Same here, but this was Chrome. Either nothing happened at all, or finally it responds and it’s an unsecure download and ‘keep’ is impossible. It worked normally using Safari.

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Yeah, I was using Chrome. Good to know about trying a different browser. Didn’t think of that. Thanks!

When I migrated, which went well, the dialogue asking for a password has option to “allow” and “always allow”. From past experience I selected “always allow” and was not bothered about it again. Did you select “always allow”? I’m on macPOS 10.13 on a 2010 mac pro.

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Thanks for your reply but this didn’t help. After screwing around with this for ages I finally got it mostly working but still not right. Do you have a recommendation as to the quickest way to delete EVERYTHING related to BFD form my drive so I can just start from scratch? Thanks

This doesn’t work for me.

When I launch BFD I get a box asking me to use the confidential information in com.inmusicbrands.softwareunlock.

No Password I enter is accepted. If Click deny twice BFD loads asking for activation.

All my products are authorised.


You have to use your Mac’s password, not your inMusic profile password. BFD3.4 does require keychain access for the auth system to work. Developers are looking into making this more user friendly in upcoming builds, but nothing solid yet.

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