Where are presets for new Libraries? Just bought Heavy

I just bought the Heavy expansion and installed it. Everything is current with BFD and license manager. I see kit pieces but there are no Presets or Drumkits? I assume they got installed somewhere and BFD hasn’t scanned for them. Maybe I have to find them and move them? Thanks for any help. I’m on a Mac with Catalina.

You might try going to the contents page and hitting the, ‘Add BFD2 Paths’
It’s possible that the installer hasn’t been updated.

I’ll check on my desktop later to make sure.


This is the WIndows file path if that might help with the folder structure on where to look

C:\Program Files\FXpansion\BFD2\System\Presets

And that’s with the library installed here, on my storage drive:

F:\FXpansion\BFD Heavy