What is your display resolution?

If you’re on windows you can, right click on your desktop and select 'display settings, then have a look for, ‘Display Resolution’.
By default it will probably be set to your screens best (recommended) resolution.

Mine is set to 1920 x 1080


That’s a great question! I’m on 4K, just recently made the change. I’m actually stunned to see that the majority of professional software has poor to no available options for High DPI, scalability and visibility/readability on 4K/UHD displays…

As a Cubase user, opening plugins is a horrible mess! Most don’t follow the DAW’s scale scheme (or Windows’s scaling for that matter) and when they do, they are blurry or with a messy GUI. Others are simply tiny to the point of being unreadable… For what is worth, Arturia is the one developer who has made the jump early and elegantly with all their plugins perfectly clear at any resolution and with exhaustive options of scalability beyond the DAW’s native.

BFD is… interesting. In my case, with Windows set at 125%, the stand-alone app follows suit, with the text suffering the typical—but bearable—blur of non-HiDPI apps. On the other hand, the plugin in Cubase doesn’t scale.

LEFT: BFD3 Stand-alone | RIGHT: BFD3 in Cubase

Personally, I find it encouraging we’re being asked this question. While I realise many uses still haven’t made the jump, I don’t see a reason for BFD not to adapt to the de facto future. While it might not be the most coveted feature, it is a quality-of-life one that all users will eventually be thankful for. It also shows that development is looking into future-proofing the product, rather than abandoning it, which is obviously very positive!


Main monitor 1920x1080, side monitor 1080x1920.

Edit: Why not set it up as a poll, so that it’s easier to keep track of the numbers?


Because I’m an idiot and I didn’t know I could do that. Oops.


2017 IMAC Retina 5k-I go to 11 haha

Just 1920x1080 here. B)

Im 1920 x 1080. I think I feel not as cool as I thought i was.

You’re still cool man. 1080p is fine for audio production. :wink:

Thank you, ive just posted a new question, maybe you can help

Regardless of the user data… it’s the current standard to have resizable 144p

I’m using a 4K TV and a 1080p smaller monitor. 1080p seems to be fine for working with all the programs I use like Cubase 12, Logic, BFD, Vienna Symphonic Library, Toontrack, etc…

4k with 150%-175% text size set in the display settings. Sure wish I could get larger text size within BFD3 in Cubase without having to change my display settings to a lower resolution.

1920X1080p. And my screen is 144 hz (a laptop). Pretty good, I would say.

I like that resolution because it allows me to set awesome wallpapers as background images that I usually take from different online libraries like https://wallpapercosmos.com/. So yeah, my resolution is awesome :3

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Recently replaced my machine with a 2017 27" 5K retina iMac, running at default resolution, so I’m enjoying that… and seeing what’s still not updated with HD graphics.

I’m no fan of BFD3’s UI design. It’s technically more convenient than BFD2, being able to change the size of the window, but it’s clumsy and ugly. It gives poor visual feedback in pretty much every way, and the flat design fad must die.

27" 5K → 4096 x 2304 60Hz

1080p here, I’m old, decrepit and seriously long sighted :rofl:

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I’m getting there! :rofl:

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27” 4K main monitor. Also 2014 MacBook Pro 15” Retina 2880 x 1800 resolution.