[UNDER REVIEW] License Manager Telling me Expansions are not Authorized

Hi there,

We are looking into this now. Sorry for the frustration this issue is causing you.

Regards, Callum

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So can we have an official statement that this is a bug?

But there is going to be a periodical phone home from the LM to refresh the auths and if that is the case what will that period be?

Monthly is very very bad, I’d have thought quarterly would be reasonable.



Agreed, but one other point is synchronicity.

You see, I’ve encountered this two or three times within two days. The day before yesterday my London Sessions, Sabian Digital Vault and something else weren’t authorized, and yesterday it was Virtually Erskine, Jazz Maple and Metal Snares that were complaining.

Don’t take the above expansions quite literally, I might be wrong, but I’m certain it was 3 one day, and 4 the other. Those should all refresh simultaneously in my opinion, or it defeats the whole purpose.


I agree although since we purchase our expansions at different intervals it’s likely they’ll refresh the auths at different intervals that reflect that. :thinking:



Well, yes, it makes sense from a logic perspective! But it makes no sense from a UX perspective.
When I buy an expansion, I incorporate it into what my mind thinks as “BFD”, and it ceases to exist as a separate entity in my head, because I expect all content to work at all times. If I mix and match a kick from here, toms from there, snares from elsewhere and cymbals from yet another place, that I’ve all bought 3 days in between each, I’ll need to reauthorize 4 times in a 13 day period instead of once.


If this is whats happening, its madness. Meaning multiple times a month we’re going to have to re-authorise all different things.

Hopefully its definitely a bug, and if it isnt, BFD realise this is really going upset customers and potentially ruin their chances of becoming a defacto drum plugin for studios and mobile producers, which in turn reduces all our chances of having a healthy well funded and maintained product with quality expansions.

Every version of BFD up till now has been cracked, the LM has been cracked. It makes no sense to just make things difficult for existing customers first and foremost. I hope this doesnt go a subscription model. Please, BFD, youre one of the few really expensive apps I’ve bought, I love you dearly, dont make this relationship difficult :smiley:

/end soapbox, apologies for rant, the heat has been getting to me this last few days.

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Now that I’m thinking about it, the LM authorizes each product seperately, and when I get hit by the deauthorization screen, I quickly click authorize when the LM pops up without thinking what I’m doing.

Now… What if I re-authorize all products in one go, and not just those that need authorization at the moment? Then they should all “expire” together when the time comes, right?

It’s possible, but I don’t know if it’s actually the case. I haven’t forcebly unauthorized anything through the LM, but that may be a way to force it all at the same time.

Yeah, I guess thats possible. I just think we’re not the ones that should be having to figure this out with guesswork.

Having just recently bought an expansion, this would suggest I have three different re-authorisation episodes coming up.

Im gonna be a bit disappointed if thats what happens.

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I missed the part where we have to deauthorize the products in order to authorize them again, ugh. To be honest, I’m not going to do that each time I buy a new expansion.

I’m not sure how it works tbh, but getting locked out of BFD doesnt seem like a good way to check our installs are legit, when we we’re checked the previous month. Its a confusing situation.

I made posts when I got de-authorised last time, and had to re-authorise everything, so at least I’ll know exactly how long the time frame has been.

Fingers crossed it wont happen again :slight_smile:

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Hey all,
same problem here: Deauthorization after one month offline. Not only the expansions, but the whole app. Loading the plugin stops with „An unknown error occurred…“.

If this is only an error or oversight: Please fix it ASAP.