[UNDER REVIEW] Kit pieces not fully loading

BFD v3.4.2.4
Load any kit, or preset
All kit pieces/channels should fully load
Multiple kit pieces/channels do no fully load, progress bar gets stuck
Happens just about every time loading kit/preset
Which pieces/channels do not fully load seems random, but it affects Master channels too.

What platform are you using?

I had something like this recently but haven’t had time to investigate more.
The loading display/graphic got to about a quarter and then stopped. I’m pretty sure the kit piece loaded fully, it’s just the graphic display has gone flaky.


macOS High Sierra/Pro Tools 2021

Yeah, I suspect it’s just graphical in nature and the samples are loading. It happened in the previous version, but the latest seems to do it all the time.

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I’m on Catalina, and I’m totally not seeing this issue at all, standalone or in PT.

BFD is my most behind piece of software, and I’m looking forward to getting on Big Sur once it’s officially supported.

I’m on an old Cheese Grater and High Sierra has been good to me. I have no plans to upgrade right now and if I did, it would only be up to Mojave. This was barely an issue for me with the previous BFD3 update.

I ran into something like this last night for the first time, where none of my London presets or kits worked. They wouldn’t load at all.

I found those presets were duplicated between the BFD2 and BFD3 directories, so I deleted all the .bfd2 versions. Today I don’t have any issue.

I came here to discuss this very bug! Some kit pieces, the load progress bar just doesn’t seem to finish.

If I close the sequence I’m working on and reopen it, it seems to work correctly. But if I load another kit piece about half the time it’ll happen again.

Is it just a graphics issue? I’m too new this software to know if all the layers aren’t loading.

I had this a couple of times and am pretty sure it’s just a graphical anomaly.
The kit pieces certainly sound fine to my ears.


Hi @Fender_Bender ,

Thank you for the report, we shall investigate and be in touch should we require further information.

Kind regards,

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Not sure if it’s happening with other people but for me this issue was intermittent and it’s not doing it now.
Of course it could still happen in the future. :thinking:


I’ve had it, here and there. I’m getting along ok. Any timeline on the next update ?