Standalone not responding

All right, now that Eldorado and London Sessions are in place (thanks a bunch Drew!), it’s time for setting things up properly and moving forward. I’m thinking of first having a stable standalone, and then checking the plug-in in my DAW. (now I’m in a situation where the plug-in calls FXpansion License manager and things work, so I’d rather not mess it up, but instead do it right and do it once.)

The standalone upon launch fails to load a favorite, and it informs me that bfd has crashed and that it wants to save the dump files. After that, it tries to scan content, where it doesn’t progress and becomes unresponsive. It seems at times that issuing a command (e.g. remove all paths) during this phase gets through, but it shows after the program has been forcefully terminated and re-run.

Any ideas?

Edit: By the way, the favorite that doesn’t load has a name in UTF-8 characters, as do many of my grooves. Thought I’d mention that too.

Windows or Mac OS? I’m downloading content right now and … anticipating the pain of migrating my projects from BFD 2 to 3…

Windows 10.

It’s very unpredictable. Scanning for content always hangs. Then after many launches at some point everything seemed to be working fine, but I was seeing some duplicate grooves. Ok, let’s remove the path then, I thought. I shouldn’t have. It now crashes all the time and I don’t know why.

If you have work to do, just stay put with 3.3. A more stable version will come out fairly soon, I’m sure. We now have our content, so that’s one heartache out of the way. But the application is not yet stable. For me at least.

I’ll probably have to remove all paths again and add them one by one if I’m lucky. I really can’t make out a pattern in all the crashing.

I hate unpredictability. Computers and software have long since passed the point of deterministic behavior.

Ah, shucks. I was so close. After running the setup wizard and having the scan succeed (license manager popping up and all), I could use BFD as usual. All presets, kits, drums, grooves were there, and I was happy. Then I closed BFD and relaunched.

Nothing. All lost. I wonder what happened. It must be something in the registry but I don’t know where to start.

Yep, content scanning hangs. You aint alone.

Ran into a similar issue with Windows 10. However, I waited to see if it would finish the job and after about 6-7 minutes, it did. I have just about every expansion ever made and a pretty fast machine.

SUCCESS! I’ve got everything up and running flawlessly, both standalone and plug-in! :partying_face: :partying_face:

All it took was renaming my Favorites and Groove Palettes to English (I was using greek letters in some of them.) I couldn’t imagine it would throw that big a wrench in BFD’s works!