(SOLVED) BFD3.4.2.4 FAILS to Download

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Download finally worked here

Please try it again. It should work now.

Updated and NOW my El Dorado is NOT showing up. Re scanned, re downloaded, reinstalled. De Auth and Re Auth, NOTHING here.

Can you see the kit pieces, just so that you know that BFD is seeing it. It could be that the Kit and the preset files have not loaded.

See if they are in the Fxpansion Kit/Preset folders and transfer them.

I don’t have ANY FXpansion on her now, this is a fresh install of El Dorado onto my dedicated drum drive.

Have you selected the El Dorado folder and searched it on the contents page?

Yes the obvious has been done. Ive had BFD since BFD1 came out here.

Funny. A similar thing happened to me with Crush. BFD was not seeing it. However, I noticed that the crush kit pieces were showing up in the Kit pieces section. I had to delete the path and deleted the kit. I then redownloaded Crush and BFD recognised a new expansion and searched automatically and Crush was the fully installed. It might be worth a try.

You could first delete the path and remove the El Dorado folder from your drive. Restart BFD and then close down. Replace the ED folder and then restart BFD and BFD should recognise the new expansion and search. I this doesn’t work try reinstalling as mentioned above.