Share your BFD3 presets

This is a good idea! But what happens if I use a kit piece in my preset that another user doesn’t have?

Where are your shared presets then??? Asking for a friend :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi ggmanestraki,

Mine are all under C:\Users[my name]\Documents\BFD Drums\BFD3\Presets.

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Living Room Rocker

That’s were I left them! :blush:

Yeah, you might have to process the substituted kit pieces differently. My main thought behind sharing presets was just to get some ideas of how people are routing things, eq/compression, parallel processing ideas, tweaks, etc.

With the preset I uploaded, I can sort of easily replace the kit and use all the channel presets I’ve made. I think of it it like a template to get going quickly.


Ah ok, I get it, the focus is on the mixing/processing side.

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I’d like to present my lil pack of presets!

A lot of my drums sounds tend to be inspired by early and mid 70s hard rock, funk and fusion. If you know, you know…kinda dry, small-medium sized room sounds that are punchy and raw.

Important to note–you have to have a few expansions to make use of these: BFD 1,2,3, Dunnett Ti, Horsepower and BFD Deluxe. A lot of the presets are using 2 expansions…usually one expsn for the shells and the other for cymbals.

Mickemowse BFD (117.4 KB)


Sadly my DAW crashed hard and fast as soon as I loaded the first one, managed to load a couple others but a lot of the kit pieces were missing, not sure why as I have almost every expansion pack, tried a few more times and DAW smashed hard again, not sure why?

That blows! I wonder if I sent them correctly…it’s supposed to just be the .bfd3 file, I think? I just dragged them out of the BFD3 presets folder where I save most of my custom kits, so I’m not sure what could be up

Thanks for these. Some nice combinations. I’ve had 2 crashes so far, as well. But mostly it’s working.
I wonder what the issue could be?

I haven’t downloaded the files to check them out, but the only time I had presets crash on me was when I was using special characters in the name. Have any of you guys tried renaming them and see if it goes away?

naming convention looks ok to me

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 19.08.28

Ah I see the horsepower one has !

not sure if that’s the one that crashed my DAW, must have been, but it wasn’t the only one either, and as previously mentioned loads of the kit pieces were missing even though I have all the expansions mentioned?

I used, “Load Preset from file”, instead of importing. The Dunnett Ti preset worked fine. Then I did the same with the Horsepower preset, also loaded fine. However, I then loaded my own HP preset and it crashed after a minute or so. Not sure if it was just pure coincidence, or not. I do tend to get a lot of random crashes with BFD3 in standalone.

The presets sounded pretty good, though it seemed like there were FX on channels, but a lot were turned off, so I wasn’t really sure what the final sound was actually supposed to be. I’ll try some of the others next time I fire BFD3 up. Nice work @Mickemowse and thanks for sharing.

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I wonder would be causing the crashing. I have a lot of presets that have been moved and updated from different laptops I’ve owned over the last 10 years since owning BFD and all of them have worked without messing up.

As for the fx… a lot of times I’d experiment with an effect but then decide I liked it better without, so the way the presets are at load-up are how they are intended.

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I use them both, whichever plays nicely at the time :slight_smile:

Hell yeah man, I hope you guys dig them! More to come of course. I’m also thinking about doing some midi grooves too

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Maybe not so much with the exclamation mark in the Horsepower one. It might be OK but… I’m going to rename that one.

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You also used the Rod Morgenstein cowbell. It’s showing up missing in several presets. I’ll just add another and save.
Just thought I’d mention it if others were seeing the missing kit piece.

Totally! Thats another of my favorite expansions. Total creative control for you guys on that one lol, I totally forgot I had it on there and didn’t mix it :sweat_smile:

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