Renaming Groove editor drum lanes

Is there a way to make each of the Groove Editor drum lanes have the same name of their corresponding Mixer Channel?

Hi. Unless I’m not understanding your question correctly, they already match, or at least the top level name. So “Snare 2” in the Groove Editor lane is “Snare 2” in the mixer. Is that what you were asking?

To my point, rename your Snare2 in the Kit/fader section and you’ll see that information doesn’t transfer over.
I custom build my kits. The problem really goes south when you’ve custom selected and retuned your Tom’s and cymbals. If I rename a drum or cymbal at the Kit fader, Groove Editor still displays the original designation. So if I like a particular HighTom and place it 3x renaming each one and maybe swap one out for a cowbell, Groove Editor will still display HighTom for all 3.

Yeah, I pointed that out at one point, but I haven’t seen a fix for it yet.