Removing BFD on a Mac

What is the best way to remove BFD on a Mac? I’ve got many expansion packs and 3rd party grooves. Was hoping to do a reinstall of BFD 3 and hoping I don’t have to delete my add ons.


In general, you don’t need to delete old content, but you do need to rescan it. The application itself under Applications can just be deleted, or renamed if you prefer.

The problem I have is that the interface freezes as soon as BFD is opened. I’m unable to get to any menus and have to force quit. I’m thinking there is a corrupted file somewhere that I need to delete. I deleted the preferences file but no luck. I was hoping to find an uninstall app to delete BFD and start over. BFD was working ok before updating to 3.4. At first I was able to get to the scan content page but now it just freezes after opening.

You can just blow away the app itself. Or reinstall over it. Whatever you’re more comfortable with.

I’ve already reinstalled over it and it doesn’t fix anything. That is why I’m thinking there is a file in the system that is corrupted. I was hoping there was a BFD uninstall app that would remove all BFD system files and then I could reinstall.

Try deleting or renaming your ~User/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums directory.

Look for appropriate preference files, move them out of the preference folder, try again. If that works, trash the old pref files. Better than reinstalling everything from scratch.

Renaming the BFD Drums directory and then launching BFD brought up an error log. Went back and changed the name back and now I’m able to log in to BFD again. None of the kits load up. When I click on a preset it looks like its loading but all the kit pieces show up in the mixer with pics of microphones not the kit pieces. At least I can get it to launch now.Thanks for all the help. Any suggestions on getting the kits to load would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

Sounds like you need to rescan the contents. After you open the app go to tools then preferences. Click on the data to the left. Then choose rescan of file paths.

here, every time I did an install in the update direction the installer grabbed the extant files and threw 'em in the trash already.
Catalina and Big Sur.