Progress report - Possibly - Possibly not

Hi All.

Having similar problems to most.

After trying to re build most of my cubase projects with the new bfd3 (minus bfd2 content) and finally getting contact from Drew on here.

London sessions expansion now up and running. I’ll obviously have to (re) re build quite a few projects (not a big problem - but an annoying one - through my own stubbornness).

now opening the cubase projects I find that all is as should be (as was under the last BFD3 with the bfd2 content).

And, re saving the loaded kits as a new BFD3 preset in the new BFD3 user preste folder - not the fxpansion folder.

I did initially have a problem with the pictures in the mixer and preview column not matching the sounds - for some reason that - up to now has not repeated it’s self (for over 100 projects - only another 400 to go).

I don’t know where the licensing issues are up to at present but I can’t chance buying any new stuff so I can’t say at this stage if it would licence or not (previous bad experience - now sorted).

However, I still have a licence in the fxpansion manager - Manu Katche Signature Snare that doesn’t show up in BFD3 manager (not a big problem at present as that kit piece hasn’t shown up in any of my cubase projects.

Stand alone and vst - I always get the initial copy etc screen on opening up BFD3. It causes no problem as long as I select cancel. The other takes ages and mostly crashes - Probably a computer related problem rather than a BFD3 one - Though not 100% on that.

Al in all - I have to say - putting the shaky start aside. It’s progressing reasonably well with no major incidents like those I have seen on some of the posts on here. Just possibly I haven’t noticed them as they’ve shown no difference to me yet - hope it stays that way.

I’m still not happy yet about moving everything out of the Fxpansion folder structure on the PC to it’s own BFD3 folder structure as it’ seems to be going well - fingers crossed.

So - just one snare missing.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have to say, for me, things seem to be progressing ok - And hope I’ve not opened my trap too soon.

Keep up the good work - “ALL”.

Believe me - eventually - it really does help.

Don’t think I’ve missed anything - still - there’s always the edit button.


That’s great Neil! Hope it stays that way!

So your 3.4 worked in Cubase just like that? Interesting.


That is how it seems to have gone - and I hope it stays that way.

The only major problem is having to be online.

If I’m not online the cubase project with BFD3 vst will not open full stop and crashes cubase.

I don’t like the idea of permanent online - but I’ll tolerate it for the time being.


Ah, that’s crap. Hope this is just a temporary license manager side-effect.

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I’m hoping so.

I’m a little bit more hopeful now for BFD3 than I was before I stumbled onto this forum and help from Drew.

One good note is that I can’t seem to crash BFD3 either stand alone or vst by something I’ve done. And I’m a disabled man with very shaky and unpredictable hands.