[PRE REVIEW] There is an issue retrieving your list of products

show is completely stopped here now.

this is not ok
this is very probably not a bug, I needed to get this off my chest.

I cleared out Application caches with OnyX, which I’m loathe to do really, and after the restart the LM behaved normally. There was nothing to do but dismiss with “OK”, no further message after it acted like there would be, or force quit. During this fiasco VE Pro was not seeing any AU version either, and all of the instantiations here are that. Don’t know, it was normal in the morning, I had crap to do out in the world, I came back and launched a project, it crashed and BFD is doing go to the License Manager.

Hey @Civilization3,

Please could you write a bug report using the guidelines.

Thanks, Callum

Same problem here… BFD License Manager can’t authenticate BFD with error message " There was an issue retrieving your list of products - Looks to be an issue on your end, a quick fix would be appreciated!

How’s the attached for a bug report.

I submitted a support ticket yesterday, that system could use some work too.

This is unacceptable, if licenses are going to invalidate after x time (which I don’t remember happening with FXpansion) your system needs to have 99.9% uptime… What if I had used BFD with my electronic kit for a gig… not good =/

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“this is not acceptable” I think I typed that one more than once last night.
I cleared out Applications Cache using OnyX (NB: NOT systems cache, do_not) and that repaired the situation. You’re on Mac, so you may try that.

Hey, thanks. I’m not on a Mac, but thanks to your reply I tried a number of things based on the concept of cached data and got it working.

For those having issue on windows:
What seemed to work was renaming the install folder (there was no uninstall option in windows for this app) for the license manager and reinstalling and viola it worked, so obviously something got hosed somewhere and I couldn’t reinstall it with the current version being there cause the installer saw it as the same.

Its sad that the community is better at responding than the new owners, but I’m glad you replied!!!


Using BFD in it’s current state, in a live situation, is a great way to get fired from a band. This is another good point to bring up to the powers that shouldn’t be over at inMusic, that this online-only system will not attract any live e-drummers from choosing BFD. It’s suicidal.