[PRE REVIEW] License Manager Crash & Oblivion Issues

Hi all,

I’m close to launching my latop out of the window so coming here cap in hand for help.

I haven’t used my BFD2 software on my Windows 7 laptop in around a year but thought I would dig it out today for a play. I saw that everything has migrated to InMusic now so I have done all that and I treated myself to the Oblivion expansion.

Now, I have installed the Licese Manager and ran the Oblivion installer but was only given the option to download the full BFD3 download instead of the stripped back BFD2/Eco one. I ran it anyway but no luck on BFD2 alas. I have tried to open License Mnaager again and it just immediately crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but to no avail. Im stuck now becasue I can;t really accomplish anything. I tried to submit an inquiry on the InMusic support page but absolutely nothing happens when I click the submit button. Any help woudl be greatly appreciated.


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Your first problem is that BFD is now Win 10 only, so BFD3 isnt gonna work.

InMusic really need to get this support page working, or just pull the damn thing. Its a great way to infuriate users and make a situation worse.

Are you still on Win 7? Are you trying to install BFD3? You may need to roll everything back to a version that supports Win 7?

Hi @Maximumdembo i’m not trying to install BFD3, i’m sticking with 2 for now. But the Oblivion expansion I purchased should work with BFD2. But the download won’t show up in the previous version of the license manager, and the new license manager jsut won’t open without immediately crashing.

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I dont know what the deal is the latest LM and Win 7, but IIRC, to get BFD2 content working on the new servers, you need to get your licences updated via @BFD_Drew

Ah grand, am I best sending over a PM to @BFD_Drew?

It cant hurt to message Drew, tbh.

And if I’ve given you any of the wrong info, I’m sure another regular will be along to correct me at any moment :slight_smile:

Super, thanks very much.

Hi @TwelveSmall,

Thanks for the report. I think @maximumdembo is right and the best thing to do would be to reach out to Drew via PM. I’ll make sure he’s aware of this thread and if there’s anything else we need to do I’ll come back to you with more info.

Kind Regards,

Super, thanks. Just out for the day so I will send a DM off when I get home (if I can figure out how to so it haha).

Thanks again.

Hi @logan I don’t seem to be able to DM Drew. No message symbol shows up near his avatar. Maybe it’s becasue I am new to the forum. Any tips?

Hi @TwelveSmall,

This may be the case. I’ve upgraded your trust level so that’s you’re now on the basic user level. I’ve also reached out to @BFD_Drew and made him aware of this thread.

I’d say hold tight for a little while, if you don’t hear back soon send me a DM and I’ll follow up for you.

I hope this gets sorted soon for you!

All the best, Logan

Hi Logan, thanks for this, that’s sorted it. Ok I’ll hang on fo @BFD_Drew to get in touch then rather than DMing him. Thanks for you rhelp with this.

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