[PRE REVIEW] Cannot log in to the BFD licence manager

Cannot log in, the URL redirection times out with a bad DNS.

On top of that none of the support forms on the inmusic site are working, cannot submit after filling out the forms.

Are you trying to log in via your browser or through the LM?

If it’s through the LM, log out through the LM then close it.
Then open your browser and try to log in to your inmusic account.
Once you’ve done that, close your browser and open your LM and you should be logged in.

As for support, use the support@bfddrums.com.
The web page form hasn’t worked since day 1, I’m amazed it’s not been fixed yet.



Hi @method1,

Please let us know how you get on with the steps that @Steve63 has provided for you, if you’re still experiencing issues afterwards we will continue investigation.

Kind Regards,


I wasn’t able to log in via the manager for a couple days, it would redirect to my browser and then just time out with a bad DNS. Finally worked.

The old fxpansion manager wasn’t fantastic but this is a new level of problematic.

Plus after the update I lost compatibility with all my previous projects that used BFD3 with bfd2 libraries, I will be rolling back to the previous version for now.

You need to download the London Sessions which is the old BFD2 core library.

Maybe @Logan or @BFD_Drew can give you the new serial numbers you’ll need to install the London Sessions, just send them your serial number for BFD2 along with your account details.

I would strongly recommend doing this before going back to your old version as you’ll only find yourself with the same problem when you update to the new version.

Maybe contact support@bfddrums.com with your BFD2 serial and account details too, one of the 3 should be able to get you The London Sessions pretty quick.



Will do that, thanks for your assistance!

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