Possible BFD3.4 plugin fix

Check to make sure you don’t have a firewall program such as Little Snitch blocking License Manager from connecting to the internet. I had to change a rule in LS that was blocking Logic Pro from passing LM to the internet, now my plugin works.

The stand alone worked but I would get the “BFD3 has been disabled because You are not logged into your inMusic account” error message while trying to use the plugin. I guess LS was doing too good of a job.

Hope this helps someone.



This is the whole issue with 3.4. The License Manager does not allow you to work offline. Why on earth has this not been sorted out? It seems a little incompetent that this has been allowed to drag on and ruin many users experience with BFD3. I won’t go back to 3.4 until it has been sorted out.