Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Greetings, all!

Otalgia-2000 here – I’m joining the community as an “old newbie,” using BFD since 2. I came up on consoles and tape starting in the early days of the nyc underground, and my personal systems were analog (bounces between 2-track cassette machines, anyone?) until my Tascam 38 “six-and-a-half-track” machine became just too much for an apartment dweller to manage.

Enter “The Box,” and with it – BFD.

But now, after 15 (!!!) amazing years, my Mac pro 3,1 tower finally decided “enough is enough” and I’m migrating over to a Mac Studio – new worlds to conquer!

As it may be with many users, I don’t use all of BFD’s many nuances, but I rely on it essentially.

Hopefully I can offer suggestions as well as howls for help!



Hi Otalgia,

Pleased to meet you, I hope you have a pleasant and fruitful experience here. That 3.1 served you well then, all the best with the Mac Studio, been looking at that myself :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve settled in!

Welcome O-2K. Always nice to have another enthusiastic and knowledgeable BFD user here. Good luck with your transition to Apple Silicon.

Supposedly, they’re finally going to announce the new M-series Mac Pro soon. Interested in seeing how they’re going to pull that off with the architecture being SoC, but bring modularity to it.

Thanks for the welcome!

“Stand by to stand by,” as they say: I’ll be more than happy to report, but I anticipate moving in the weeks ahead and won’t to proceed with getting down to business until (alas!) autumn.

I can say, “so far so good” – but all of the more complex usage-scenarios I’ve become accustomed to are yet to be tested in the new environment.


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Thank you!

I’m excited to be getting back into things, however eventually as may be.

Indeed that 3,1 was astonishing – if there were a “dog-years” type calculation for computer system longevity, I wonder that mine would be been into its 90’s!

I’ve heard so many different rumors and prognostications about the new Mac Pro (up to and including “not gonna happen after all” – and that, more than once) that I have no idea what to think any more. Other than, it’s gonna be ehhhhhhxx-pensive.

I was personally inclined to the expandable / upgrade-able architecture, but it doesn’t sound like it will likely be anywhere within my means – and in any case, no way I could keep waiting!

Hi Otalgia and welcome to the forums. I too am very interested in the Mac Studio. I hope you will find the BFD forums to be as positive as your attitude. Love it.

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker

I will be happy to share my experiences with the new system. Almost my entire landscape has changed – new machine, new interface and now, new version of BFD as well.

As many of us know all too well, the setup phase can be a rather involved undertaking and, as it is something one doesn’t get involved with very often, there is much in each new iteration that has be either remembered or re-learned – after which, it all gets left in the wake of creating new music.

Such as: well, of COURSE I should’ve just re-downloaded 8-Bit Kit – but from the INMUSIC installer, not the fxPANSION installer!! Yes, that repetitive slapping sound you hear is my palm. Hitting my forehead.


p.s. Do profiles in this forum have sig lines? I’m not seeing the one I thought I set up for mine detailing my system configuration. I used the text entry field in Preferences > Profile > About Me

From what I’ve gathered, Apple is going to announce it at the upcoming Spring event in mid-April. I just hope it doesn’t flop like the Trashcan Mac Pro did, though now, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of those. The prices will drop once the official support for Catalina stops (i.e. Security updates). Companies that have them will start to unload them on eBay and the prices will come way down. They’re already starting to drop. You can find base 4-core models for around $300 currently.

I’m dog-years’d enough myself to recall the early Apple days, when they swore to us “Backwards Compatible – For Ever!!!” (Wow. Well I guess THAT chip has sailed…)

I can’t express how much I loved the 3,1 and how much it did for me, but how relieved I feel being back in the Realm Of The Supported.

The Old Pro was stuck on OS 10.11.6 with no possibility of further updates, and that’s when I “lost contact” with BFD.

I’m excited to be getting back into some of those old projects!

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I still have the old Mac Pro, open cored and it works like a monster, but I know someday that one is going to sail too…