Percussion / MacOS Issue

Not entirely sure if this is a BFD issue or MacOS issue, but BFD percussion folder is involved. All of my BFD Audio content is on an external SSD.

In my trashcan I have an empty BFD Percussion Folder, macOS will not let me delete it at all, it says the file is in use and cannot be deleted, if I eject the SSD, the trashcan shows as empty, as soon as i re-instate the ssd, the BFD Percussion folder re-appears and can’t be deleted, it’s empty Zero KB.

I’ve tried using terminal to get rid of it blah blah, nothing seems to work? Anyone else ever had anything like this happening?

Im thinkin its a permissions thing

I cant recall but I think Command or CTRL then right click the file then trash it

If not. I use an app called Easy Find which is a free one to trash stuff

Thanks for the reply, I have checked all permissions, this was happening on my macbook pro when I connect the external SSD, today it is happening on my Mac Pro also when I connect that same SSD to the machine, tried the CMD right click but it doesnt work, it just gives me the ‘The operation can’t be completed because the item “Rim” is in use.’ - on which ever folder or file inside that folder I try to delete.

Really weird.

Something is hangin up there for sure.