Not migrated? [foo for arbitrary character requirement]

I’m logged in. I’m online. I launch the latest version of BFD3 to date and I get this:

… I “migrated” weeks ago now.

On a side note: many random, arbitrary, and probably unnecessary “authorizations” of my libraries are a continued experience.

p.s. What exactly does this mean:

And should I care? I’m guessing no; in which case why even interrupt the launching of the app to tell me this?

I wouldn’t worry about it if you’ve already migrated your stuff and everything is working as it should.

However, if you want to get rid of that dialog popup permanently, you can do this.

I’m on Mac, but it’s similar for Windows. Make sure these 3 entries are like this. If they’re not in the prefs file, then manually add those entries. The file is in your user Library location, not the System.

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 5.55.16 AM

Fender_Bender - thanks for the sauce

<3 much appreciated <3

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