New site for tracking plugin sales

Just saw this over on Reddit. It’s a new site that scrapes up all VST plugins sales and free offers.
Here’s the Reddit post I Built a Database of 10000 audio plugins to Track Their Prices
Here’s the direct link AudioBazooka

Text of the post:

I built a database of over 10’000 audio plugins that is updated daily to keep track of prices.

Currently I scrape thousands of manufacturer websites for all the plugins listed on their website and update the prices daily, so that I also know when they are on sale or there are free giveaways. I also compare plugin prices across resellers as well as manufacturer websites.
Let me know what you think of the idea.

The database is at and I’m thinking of rolling out access with a nice UI if people are into it.

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Very nice. Hopefully they do get that UI version happening. My inBoxes and brain can’t handle any more subscriptions.

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